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The Most Secure Lock Solution in the world!
Fingerprint Door Lock LP-802

TWO options to gain access. . . Fingerprint and/or PIN Code

Convenient One-Touch System
Simply touch the scanner with your fingertip, acceptance or rejection occurs in less than 1 second. An optional password function allows for extra security with convenience.
Security First Design:
No keyhole provides maximum security.
Safety First Design
LP-802 is designed to comply with the global Fire and Safety regulations. The door can always be opened from the inside providing a quick exit in case of an emergency or fire. The L shaped lever reduces the chances of clothing or other items getting caught.
Easy-to-Operate Key Pad
User registration, deletion, and mode programming are done through the keypad. Simple and quick does not require any special skill or training.
Remote Branches
Infrared Remoter and other audio-video apparatuses can be interfaced with the lock.
Remarkable Durability
Sensors, optimally designed incorporating high resolution and strong endurance (scratches, chemical corrosion, ESD, physical impacts) , can be adapted for outside use under severe environmental conditions.
Memory Capacity (up to 99 fingerprints)
LP-802 has a virtual memory capacity of 99 fingerprints with high speed and efficiency.
Safety Dead Bolt
LP802 incorporates a safety bolt knob inside to manually lock the door to prevent anyone from opening from the outside.
Power Supply
LP-802 is powered by 5 AA 1.5V alkaline batteries. The power consumption is extremely low and it can support 4000 operations. For a typical family these batteries will last 6-12 months. Please use high performance long life alkaline batteries.
Low Power Alarm: Audible warning reminds to replace the batteries
Stand-by Power Supply
There are two stand-by external power supply sockets beneath the key pad. In case of low battery you can plug in a standard 9 Volt battery into this socket and LP-802 will allow you to unlock the door by inputting the approved fingerprint or the preset PIN code.
Anti-Tamper and Malicious Operation
If a wrong fingerprint attempts access on more than five consecutive occasions the system will be immobilized for 5 minutes to protect against malicious operation of the lock.
Modern Appearance and Advanced Biomechanical Design
Aesthetically-pleasing, LP-802, combines a modern appearance with a futuristic biomechanical design

IT Closet / Computer Room
Perfect For Residential (Weatherproof)
Master Suite
Military facilities
Home Offices

Dimensions 9.1"(226L) x 3"(80W) x 2.1"(38H) mm
Material Stainless Steel
Battery(For system) DC1.5V (AA, LR6) x 5
Battery(For Emergency) DC9V (6LR61)
Fingerprint Sensor Optical lens type
False Acceptance Rate(FAR) Less than 0.0001%
False Rejection Rate (FRR) Less than 0.01%
Processing Time Less than 1 second
Number of Users 99 fingerprints
Emergency Device PIN Override
Temperature -10 degrees ~45 degrees
Moisture 20 to 80% Relative Humidity
Voltage 5.0 to 6.4V
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
Condition of Goods
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
Terms of Payment
L/C at sight or T/T
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