Sell Fingerprint Door-lock WT-L4

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1. Stainless steel tubular latch, easy to install.
2. Has the least damage to door: All build-in. just need to punch a few very small holes, easy to install and do not break the door.
3. All the electronic parts are lie in the firm steel structure, not easy to be damaged.
4. Using the most reliable and high performance electronic components. Superior performance, stable, reliable, durable and low power consumption.
5. Omnipresent elegant design, fine and advanced surface treatment technique, has the quality of the worlds first-class fingerprint lock. The slide on the function operating area has unique feeling and attractive appearance, convenient and nice sensor, elegant handle, She can match any luxury doors in the world.
6. Standard front panel , blue LCD light, 12 operation key
7. High chord staring and keystroke sound, make it more fashion and easy to operate.
8. Highly thin 64*128LCD management operation prompt, high intellectualized menu, incarnates the modern human design on the high-tech fingerprint locks. Furthermore, you can operate it easily just like operating your cell phone, there is even no need to read the instruction book.
9. Slide protection and touch awaken function are very suitable for actual using habit and convenience.
10. Several working mode to meet the respective usage in family, office and hotel.
11. Adopts optical CMOS fingerprint sensor. The fingerprint cant be duplicated.
12. Fingerprint and code can be programmed directly on the lock or managed by networking.
13. Four ways of unlocking the door: wake-up code+ fingerprint, fingerprint, password, high
security mechanical key, safe and convenient.
14. Zinc alloys or cast steel integration structure, fashion and exquisite design

Technical specification:

Item Description
The fingerprint scanning mode Optical fingerprint scanning window with nanometer coating surface treatment. High abrasion resistance
Scanning time <1 Sec
Response time <1 Sec
Resolution 450DPI
Identification Method 1: N
FRR(False Rejection Rate) 0.001%
FAR(False Acceptance Rate) 0.00001%
FRR(False Rejection Rate) 0.001%
Fingerprint capacity 100 (extendable)
Static consumption 12uA
Dynamic consumption 10mA-300mA
System power supply 4 (AA) alkaline battery, accepts rechargeable battery, has charging port and external power supply port (emergency) inside
Working temperature -250~850
Working humidity <90% RH
LCD blue back light
Language Chinese, English
Panel size (mm)
Inside part 305W70W29.5 (thickness of outer edge: 18mm)
Outside part 305W70W25.5
Option TCP/IP communication used in hotel, can work as an Access Control machine
Supply Capacity
2,000 Units Per Month
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
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