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It is a more confidential product, developed from intelligent online IC card locker. This product is designed for more confidential places, used as the top-secret exchange cabinet or storage cabinet in the government, confidential information storage cabinet in corporations, gun and ammo cabinet in the army and some other high level secrecy places. It is also used in stations and airports for storing valuables. It is administered by the back-stage computer and worked with fingerprint technique.
[Function Characteristics]
1 Easy to manage: The server manages through the back-stage of LAN . It takes full advantages of the computer, simplifies the system framework and achieve the agility and convenience of the management.
2 Friendly interface: The interface of fingerprint locker is friendly, easy and convenient for customers to register, logout, block the account, inquiry about current affairs and so on.
3 Emergency Opening: When system error occurs and the door can not open, the administrator can use the administration card to operate the emergency opening.
4 Clear-up function: The administrator can use the clear-up function to initialize the state of all the cases.
5 State-show function: The indicator light shows the using state of the cases with bright and clear light.
6 Flexible to extend the controlling system: It is convenient, flexible and fast to extend the on-line system which can connect with many lockers simultaneously.
7 Burglarproof and alarm: The system will alarm automatically when the locker is opened abnormally.
8 Intelligent registration: The system software provides normative registration and fast order registration. It greatly improves the registration speed. According to customers requirements, cards and cases can be assigned randomly or homologously.
9 The capacity: It can save 4029 customers fingerprint when offline, and the number is unlimited when online, over 15000 pieces of opening data can be recorded and 1 to 5 spared fingerprints can be registered for each person.
10 Double fingerprint collection: Customers fingerprint can be collected by fingerprint sensor and computer center(Computer collects fingerprints through FDU sensor equipped with USB interface ) , which makes the administrator to register new users fingerprint file and modify ther information at the back -stage management system rather than standing besides the door , offering the service for the customers.
11 Powerful hardware: Both Fingerprint sensor and back-stage management system have safety standards ranging from 1 to 9 level (which can be adjusted according to the quality of each customers fingerprint) , to make sure the fingerprint is clear enough to pass the sensor verification smoothly. Fingerprint comparison adopts 1:1 and 1:N or both 2, etc
Government institution, army and war industry, monetary and securities market, top office buildings, Stations, Airports and other business fields and so on.
[Operation Process]
1 Customers put their fingers on the fingerprint sensor. The correlative case will open automatically after fingerprints are identified by computer.
2 Deposit things and close the door
3 Customers put their fingers on the fingerprint sensor. The correlative case will open automatically after fingerprints are identified by computer.
4 Fetch the things and close the door.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
1000 sets per month
ISO 9001
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
5 sets
Power Requirements
Patents or Trademarks
Patent #ZL 2006 1 0166520.5
Terms of Payment
T/T, L/C at sight
Terms of Sale
FOB Shanghai
Warranty Coverage
labor and materials 1 year