Sell Fingerprint Identity Reader

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Main Features
Reader-QQ has the function as below:
Beautiful appearance
Support Windows 2000, Windows XP, both Chinese and English Edition
USB 2.0 interface, easy to use
Identity the fingerprint within 3600
Reader resolution 500dpi, 300,000 pixels
With top biometric authentication technology
Ability to identify fingerprints of people from 5~80 years old
PVD coating glass surface of optical sensor, high damage resistance ability
Can provide SDK to integrate the program, support VC++, Vb, Delphi and C++ builder
Use your fingerprint with Reader-QQ, you can:
Log on computer
Free from screen saver
Encrypt and decrypt your files
The Appearance
The Size: 90 (mm) W60(mm) W54(m)
Weight: About 99g
Fingerprint Sensor: You can collect your fingerprints on it
Technical Specification
NO, Item Technical Parameters
1 Sensor Optical Sensor
2 Sensor Resolution 500dpi (highest at present)
3 Antistrike Ability of Sensor Surface Remain good condition after being jabbed with a 4H pencil at 20 cm distance
4 Authentication Speed <1s
5 Authentication Methods 1: N or1: 1
6 FRR <=1%
7 FAR <=0.0001%
8 Time for Enrolling Less than 2s
9 Angle for Enroll Fingerprint 3600
10 Operating Temperature -50--500
11 Operating Humidity 10%-80%
12 OS Application Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP
13 Communication Protocol USB 2.0
14 Voltage Operating 5V(DC)
15 Operating Current <100mA