Sell Fingerprint Lock BL1011

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7 Three unlock ways: Fingerprint, Pin/code and mechanical key
7 Designed by Germany designer, Luxury, firmness and elegance.
7 Free handles design, Anti-violence function , well protect to mechanical structure.
7 Modularization Structure, Damp-proof design.
7 Dormancy function: 3 times incorrect password will lead to System Dormancy. After 3 minutes, the System will restarted.
7 Reset function: In the unusual time , press the RESET button , restart the module.
7 Low voltage warning . When in low voltage, warning will be sounded. After the warning, the lock can be used 200 time .
7 Backup Energy. When in low voltage, can use 9 V battery connect the backup energy port, and then use fingerprint or password to unlock the lock.
7 Working voltage: 4W1.5V AA batteries
7 Battery Life:Over one year(25 times each day)
7 Sensore Capturing Area: 16.5mm x 18.5mm
7 Resolution: 500dpi
7 Working Temperature:-250 ~ 600
7 Working humidity: 20% ~ 95%
7 Capability 15 users(Can extend to 500 users)
7 Memory capability10 years
7 Image capture time<1.5s(including the image capture, process and unlocking)
7 False Rejection Rate:<3%
7 False Acceptance Rate:<0.0003%
7 Sensor Acceptance Angle: 1450
7 Static Consumption: <=20 uA
7 Dynamic Consumption: <=140mA
7 Sensor: optical
7 Matching Mode: 1:N
7 Capability Resists Static: >=|115kV
7 Can install on the Glass door, just add the glass door accessory set.
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