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7Normal configurated with anit-theft lock body,
7Three unlock ways - password, fingerprint and mechanical key,
7With generous and fashionable apperance,
7Tamper alarm function,
7Deadbolt locked tips function,
7With 80 fingerprint capacity,
7Rotation struture of the handle, prevent rought work damage,
7Location function, all fingerprint can locate to the ID, convenient for enrolling and delete fingerprint,
7Passage Function, can set the lock in offen open condition, suitable for meeting room and office,
7Low voltage alarm function, when the battery voltage is in short, the lock will alarm, the lock can normal use 200 after alarm start,
7Exterior backup power, when battery voltage went out, can use the 9V battery connect to the power port, use fingerprint or password to unlock,
7 Battery life: 6month, unlock 20 times each day,
7PCB Module with dampproof, waterproof process,
7Keypress back-light function, convenient for using at night time,
7Password protect function, accumulated input three error password in 3 mins, the system star the protect function, enters the dormant state automatically, after 3 mins, system regain automatically.
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