Sell Fingerprint Lock FL-2007

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*Fingerprint door lock: Stainless Steel Materials
*New version of Korean algorithms with dependability and accuracy, identification speed obviously improved, process 100 fingerprints, no matter good or poor, within 0. 7 second.
*Fashion and exquisite design, easy to install. The processes of fingerprint verification, Registration and deletion are simplified. Generally speaking, without manual, anyone could use it. Users can register new fingerprints and delete fingerprints at designated place.
*Stable electronic components. Superior reliable, durable and low power consumption.
*Sensor with quality image, accepts dry, wet fingers.
*Adjust image distortion, assure fingerprint matching consistency.
*Streamline front panel, four keys.
*The lock are mainly used in office, hotels, police office, banks, customs, multifarious
Organizations, villas, apartments, house etc
*Fingerprint capacity: 135
*Sensor: Optical fingerprint scanning, Super abrasion resistance (450DPI)
*Finger operation angle: 360 degree
*Fingerprint setup template: One fingerprint template generated per twice times
*Verification mode: 1: N
*FRR: 0.01%
*FAR: 0.0001%
*Response time: < 0. 7 second
*Static power: 10 Microampere
*Dynamic power: 120Milliampere---170Milliampere
*Working mode: Standalone, can working persistently
*Unlocked mode: Fingerprint, password, key
*Size:320*110*220 mm
*Weight: Net Weight: 2.5 KG, Gross Weight: 3 kg
*Power supply: DC6V, 4 units of 1.5 alkaline batteries
*Warranty of period:12 months
*Temperature and humidity:-5 to 50, 20%-80%
*Applications: Factory/office/bank/hotel etc.