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1. Convenient installation
You do just need to screw up a few screws to install the lock on a door with standard installation holes. We have prepared cutout template. You can easily install the product on a door with one installation hole or without installation hole according to the cutout template and the manual prompt.
2. High security
After the door is closed, latch can automatically lock it so that there is no need to worry about whether the door is closed or not, when you are leaving. There is an insert-poof lingua behind latch so that a prize could not open the door.
3. Level management
Has a user level management function. You can set up a user into the corresponding level according to his identity and operation authority to avoid operation ultra vires and ensure security.
4. Entirely new match mode
The product adopts the entirely new 1:N match mode. You can simply complete identity information input by pressing a finger on the scanning window and then Shepherd 220 C can independently carry out the other information match.
5. Numeral tube display
There is a numeral tube embedded on the outside unit, the tube can display the current user operation situation, so that the functional keys can be used conveniently.
6. Battery undercurrent prompt
When battery is undercurrent, you can hear a four sounds prompt Hua, hua, hua and hua sent out by buzzer when the system is powered off. You should change battery in time. The saved records and function setup cannot be affected when battery is changed.
7. Large save capacity
Can save 50 users.
8. Password function
It provides password save function for the user, which fingerprint quality is not good enough to be saved.
9. No Bother Function
You can use inside locking button to lock the door, so that any outdoor person cannot open your door with password or fingerprint.
10. Door Always Unlocked Function
After you gain access with fingerprint or password, press inside locking button. The lock can remain in the unlocked status.
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