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Polymath Fingerprint File Guard

7Capturing high-quality fingerprint image with outstanding optic sensors;
7Sensors optimally designed incorporating high resolution and strong endurance (scratches, chemical corrosion, ESD, physical impacts);
7Superior fingerprint verification algorithm of low false acceptance rate and false rejection rate.
7Standard USB communication, plug in-and-out, easy-to-use
7Encrypting files based on the uniqueness characteristic of fingerprint, ensuring higher security and convenience of files protection;
7Capable of encrypting/decrypting one single file/folder, or more, simultaneously;
7Back-up copies of encrypted files available to be decrypted on non-local PC;
7Available to set up multiple users, each of whom has his/her own encryption/decryption events record.
7Friendly windows, offering system relevant menu, easy to operate.
7Use two fingerprints for back-up purpose to encrypt, preventing files from not being decrypted due to damages on one finger.

Item Content
Scanner CDD CMOS
Reader Dimension 13.6(W)*16.2(H) mm.
False Rejection Rate (FRR) 0.01% False Acceptance Rate
False Acceptance Rate (FAR) 0.0001% False Rejection Rate
Response Time 1-2 sec.
Interface USB
Resolution 512 DPI
Field Size 292*248 pixels
Gray Depth 8 bit (256 levels of gray)
Power 5 V (USB support)
Operating Temperature -10 degrees ~45 degrees
Operating Humidity 20-80%

System Requirements
Microsoft Windows 98/Me,
Microsoft Windows 2000,
Microsoft Windows XP,
Microsoft Windows 2003

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