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The KPE400B fingeprint sensor Reader is a USB fingerprint scanner/reader, It's widespread, fashionable high-speed USB fingerprint peripheral equipment.

This fingerprint sensor widely used for Desktop PC security, Mobile PCs, Custom applications, Home and office use. Using the fingerprint to login or lock coumputer and desktop, quick login website and application program, also can using fingerprint to encrypt or decrypt files/folder.

The Main Function are:
1) . Windows Login: Startup the computer operation system, there is no need to worry about that the password will be uncovered.

2) . Lock Desktop: Press one button to lock the computer when temporary leaving. Use fingerprint to unlock the computer when go on usage.

3) . File Encryption: Files/folders can be encrypted and decrypted with fingerprint to guarantee the safety and privacy.

4) . Website Access: When there come needs to input the password to login website or application program, it validates the fingerprint to get it through.

5) . Data Coffer: Set up secrecy space belonging to customer himself.

6) . Fingerprint Accredit: Authorize assigned person to check and modify files which is encrypted with his fingerprint.

7) . E-Mail Encryption: Encrypt email with fingerprint when sending out in order to guarantee the safety while transition

Product Introduction:
* It continues the researching and development with reliable and beautiful style, adds fresh fashion designing element, making the KPE400B become an optimal partner with computer.
* It enhances the safety, convenience and interest when operating computer.
* As for the product industrial designing, it pursues simplicity and practicality.
* It expresses the unique individuality of the IT Digital era, and combination with electrical life.
* In aspect of utilization, elaborate sliding trace designing enables customers use it more conveniently.
* What's more, it's portable due to small size.
*With the customer software, it has various functions such as login website/application system, encrypt/decrypt file and collect website, making the computer and data in computer possessing by oneself own.
* It avoids memorizing many different passwords, forgetting password. What's more, it avoids the passwords be stole by "Trojan house" program.

Product Characteristic:
* Fashionable and advanced product industrial designing.
* High speed USD2.0 interface, Supporting plug and play, Small, Light, Portable.
* Easy operation.
* Fingerprint sensor with heat induction.
* Sliding without fingerprint mark.
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