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Fingerprint Suitcase
The fingerprint suitcase employs state-of-the-art biometric technology and capacitive sensor. It can work on both stand alone and network operation. Additional fingerprint can be registered through connection to computer with USB or RS-230 cable. It is quite easy to use. This suitcase is the best choice for businessmen, government officials and business travelers.
After successful matching, pen the hand box to store confidential documents and valuables, System management function can be used on-line or off-line.

 Convenient carry
The contour design is succinct and novel; the box is suitable to convenient carry and satisfactory to successful personages

 High security
The box controller adopts security design without exposed lock-hole and it has effective prize-proof design. The security of common box cannot match our product.

 Leveling management
The box has user-leveling function. You can set up according to administrator and common user different operation authorities to prevent over-authority operation; doing so can increase the security for use of lock-body.

 On-line function
The system can cooperate with on-line software to manage 1-12 user fingerprints. Please refer to help file of on-line software for specific operation mode.

Confidential and important documents can be put in it

Computer interface RS-232

Storage capacity 2 user for offline state, 12 users for online state

Low voltage warning

Operating temperature 0 F-130 F

Environmental humidity 10%-85%
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