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Fingerprint USB Reader is a secondary on-line development system support product having a connection with a PC via the USB port.
Capturing and processing of fingerprint images are incorporated on this device.
It forms a secondary on-line development support product together with an on-line fingerprint processing program module.
The device consists of an optical reader and a board with an on-line fingerprint processing board (USB2.0 fingerprint processing board) and an image input board incorporated on it.

It is simple to install and operate the device because of its connection with a PC via the USB port.
With its support to USB2.0, the device provides higher performances (image capture, fingerprint processing and matching speed) than the previous version USB1.1.

Technical Parameter:
1. Style: USB on-line
2. Image Capture Time: Less than 250ms under USB1.1
Less than 50ms under USB2.0
3. Matching Mode: 1:1 or 1:N
4. Matching Time: 30,000 fingerprints/s
5. FAR(False Accepting Rate) : Less than 0.0001%
6. FRR(False Rejecting Rate) : Less than 0.01%
7. 1:1 Matching Performance:
Matching Threshold
High: FRR: Less than 0.0001 %
FAR: Less than 0.005 %
Middle: FRR: Less than 0.001 %
FAR: Less than 0.002 %
Low: FRR: Less than 0.01 %
FAR: 0.001 %
8. Registration Capacity: 10,000 or 30,000 fingerprints
9. COM Port: USB2.0/1.1
10. Dimension: 120(L) W 57(W) W 57(H) mm
11. Working Environment:
Temperature: 00 ~ 600
Humidity 20% ~ 60
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2-15 days
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