Sell Fingerprint flash disk

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Lock Computer:
Lock computer and screensaver with fingerprint, an ideal mate for PC and laptop.
Encrypt Hard disk:
Encrypt all kinds of documents with fingerprint; confidential documents cannot be exposed any more.
Protect Network Account:
Fingerprint replace network account and password, no need to memorize, and safe from being cracked or stolen, enjoy safety and convenience.
Portable Favorite:
FingoKey can remember tedious website address, automatic switch between IE, no need to remember, input and search any more.
Intelligent Document Synchronization:
Auto-synchronization with computer files, update latest document.
Support 2nd-development
Acting as fingerprint identification terminal, combined with Skywing, biometrics identification uniform platform, it can be quickly integrated with OA, MIS, CRM, ERP etc applications, and automatically update account-plus-password authentication method to fingerprint authentication method.