Sell Fingerprint lock

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Response Time: Less than 1 s
FAR: Less than 0.0001%
FRR: Less than 0.01%
Registration Capacity: 99 fingerprints
Working Voltage: Battery 4 X 1.5V(AA) batteries DC Power 6V
Working Current: Dynamic Current 12mA Static Current 110MA~180MA
Battery Life: about 1 year
Working Environment: Temperature -100 ~800; Humidity 20% ~ 80% RH
Storage Environment: Temperature -200 ~ 800

Two options to gain access: Fingerprint and/or PIN code
Convenient one-touch system
Security first design
Easy-to-operate key pad
Remote branches(can be choosed) ; Key also can be choosed.
Remarkable durability
Up to 99 fingerprints memory capacity
Safety dead bolt
Battery power supply supporting 4000 operations
Low power alarm
Anti-tamper and malicious operation
Modern appearance and advanced biomechanical design