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Description:In order to meet special purpose or to increase some peculiarities, these fabrics can be treated in various ways. With different temperature resistance and special properties, they are applied in a wide range of industrial fields.

CAZ-GF220-AL With Aluminum foil 5500C, heat reflection, abrasion proof .
Used:heat protection cushions, motor vehicle industry

CAZ-GF220-D Dying and coloring 5500C, heat protection .
Used:heat protection, welding blankets

CAZ-GF220-G Graphite coating 7500C, increase resistance to abrasion and flame .
Used:welding blankets, general purpose insulation

CAZ-GF220-H Heat treated 5500C, decrease fumes, good cutting resistance .
Used:welding blankets, general purpose insulation

CAZ-GF220-P PTFE coating 2600C, highly anti-adhesive surface, soil repellent .
Used:compensators, conveyor belt

CAZ-GF220-R Silicone rubber coating 2600C high thermal and mechanical load, resistant to chemical .
Used:welding blankets, compensators, insulation mats

CAZ-GF220-U Polyurethane coating 5500C good resistance to abrasion and cuts .
Used:welding protection curtains

CAZ-GF220-V Vermiculite coating 8500C increase resistance to abrasion and flame.
Used:welding blankets, general purpose insulation

CAZ-GF220-I Stainless Steel. reinforcing 5500C increase tensile strength.
Used:heavy duty insulation
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