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Name Fipronil Group: Insecticides & Acaricides
Other name: Fipronyl, Fipronile, Fipronil
Application: Uses Control of multiple species of thrips on a broad range of crops by foliar, soil or seed treatment. Control of corn rootworm, wireworms and termites by soil treatment in maize. Control of boll weevil and plant bugs on cotton, diamond-back moth on crucifers, Colorado potato beetle on potatoes by foliar application. Control of stem borers, leaf miners, planthoppers, leaf folder/rollers and weevils in rice. Foliar application rates range from 10-80 g/ha; soil treatment rates 100-200 g/ha.
Formulation: 95% Tech 80% WDG 80% WP 200 g/L SC
Package: according to the customers requirement.
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