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For ages this very precious extract has been used as a medicinal and cosmetic remedy which has a remarkable high biological activity. The Oil is a clan ecological product as it can grow solely in crystal clear air, free from the pollution of industrial areas. These pure places remain in Taiga of the Krasnojarski territory in Hakasja and in Tuwa and other unpolluted regions of Eastern Siberia where this product has been produced for a long time. Fir needle oil obtained status as an official therapeutic agent in Russia In 1992.
In both medicine , cosmetics as well as the chemical industry this oil has found applications either in a mixture of bornyle - bornyle acetate, camphene and turpentine. This mixture is generally known as a fir needle oil.

Fir needle oil is obtained from young shoots of the Siberian Fir tree not exceeding 30 centimetres in length. An absolutely natural method is used for obtaining the oil, which consists in using steam distillation. Thanks to this method all precious substances are retained, including phytocydes. The contents of bornyle acetate indicates the strength and efficacy of fir oil. According to Russian standards the amount of bornyle acetate determines the quality of the confection:
' Cosmetic oil :
Ř Second quality  contents of bornyle acetate not exceeding 27%
Ř First quality - contents of bornyle acetate not exceeding 30%
Ř Premium quality - contents of bornyle acetate not exceeding 33%

' Therapeutic (medicinal) oil:
Ř contents of bornyle acetate over 34%

Our Oil has the highest quality rating (A) as well as the highest bornyle acetate content (36% 38% ) and is placed at the top on terms of quality for natural confections.
Secret of life-giving features The healing powers of the Fir needle oil is hidden in the fact that it consists of over 35 biologically active components and in addition that it has a very strong permeability factor, i. e. its components penetrate the skin and tissue very easy straight to the problem. Fir needle oil has found applications in activities such as compressing, massaging, inhalation and bathing. The oil effectively eliminates the inflammatory process on the skin, removes pathogenic bacteria, fungi and viruses. It stimulates the human immune system and induces the fighting process.
Fir needle oil benefits our cardiovascular system and nervous system . It also has an analgesic and calming effect and regulates functioning of the digestive system.
Fir needle oil regulates blood pressure in a peculiar way  It levels out low arterial pressure, and reduces high arterial pressure, and doesnt have any influence on normal blood pressure.
Bathing with fir needle oil results in strength revitalisation after physical and mental exhaustion. Bathing in fir needle oil helps to relax your muscles, relieves stress and encourages normal sleeping habits. Endeavours like these have a positive effect on the nervous system , helps to relieve insomnia and neurosis.
Fir needle oil contains a very valuable hormone AJ(u) G -1, which whilst activating the functions of genital glands and the complete endocrine system has an rejuvenating effect on the humans body cells. Fir needle oil has a beneficial influence on human skin. It is a perfect remedy which helps dispose of wrinkles and flaccidity of skin in a short time. The skin absorbs the oil very quickly resulting in very smooth and silky skin. It is highly recommended for irritated and ageing skin. Fir needle oil serves as a base for producing intensive anti-wrinkle creams.
Pharmaceutical industry preparations and ointments with fir oil found broad applications in the treatment of inflammatory processes, rheumatic diseases and in both acute and chronic circulatory insufficiencies of the system . Preparations are also used for stimulating breathing and blood circulation at croupy pneumonia.
To Spray fir oil in the room liquidates all pathogenic batteries, eliminates unpleasant smells in rooms and leaves a mild scent of coniferous forest. This oil has been used in Russian saunas and baths for a long time. Fir needle oil found wide applications in the production of soaps , shampoos, air fresheners , bathing salts, perfumes, aftershaves etc. In the US alone over 600 tons of bornyle acetate is being used every year.

Siberian Fir Oil from Siberian white bark fir tree one can well apply as a adjunctive agent to cure the following aliments:

˛ insomnia˛ neurosis ˛ inflammation of nerve fibres˛ Rheumatism, ˛ arthritis˛ acroarthritis˛ podagra˛ arteriosclerosis˛ osteoma˛ arthralgia, osteodynia, myocoelialgia˛ angina pectoris, stenocardia˛ paradontitis , scurvy and other stomatosis˛ toothache˛ influenza˛ tonsillitis˛ cough ˛ runny nose, rhinosinusitis˛ bronchitis, pneumonia˛ asthma˛ eczema˛ herpes˛ burns˛ wrinkles˛ fractures and bruising˛ decubitus uclers˛ diathesis, inborn predisposition to certain diseases˛ fungi of the foot˛ large/small intestine enteritis˛ Mastitis˛ Injuries, Wounds˛ Strained eyes˛ Psoriasis˛ gastric ulcers

Instil 2-3 drops using a pipette directly on the tonsils or stick with oil and swab tonsils. Repeat treatment 2-5 times a day every 4-6 hours.
The healing process is about 2-3 days. With long-lasting symptoms in addition to swabbing and external rubbing of the neck in the tonsils area you should instil 1-2 drops diluted oil in a proportion of 1:1 with olive oil or sunflower oil nasally. It can cause a burning sensation and a secretion of liquid from the nose. In 10-20 minutes this symptoms will go away, but in this case the treatment will bring a relieving effect.

First it is necessary to warm up the joints with a compress of marine salt. Next rub fir oil into the warmed up joints and again worm it up with a compress. For best results the pores have to be unblocked.

For some kind of asthma inhalations with fir oil can be very helpful, but with some of the patients you can observe hypersensivity or an allergic reaction. Therefore it is necessary to consult a doctor before use.

3-6 drops of Fir needle oil bath mixed with one table spoon of emulsifier  e. g. honey, milk, sea, or kitchen salt -is very effective. The duration of bath is recommended at about 10-20 minutes. Note that taking a bath in this way continuously is not recommended.

Rub a dash of oil in place of intense pain. The treatment will be more effective after a bath when the pores are unblocked. Duration about 10-15minutes .

Combining rubbing with oil and inhalation achieves the best results. Inhalation  add 1-2 drops of oil to hot water and inhale for 5-7 minutes. During inhalation ones eyes should be closed. Then rub oil onto the chest and back between the shoulder blades and then wrap up thoroughly with a warm quilt to induce perspiration.

Rub with an ointment using the following composition: 1part fir oil,3 parts baby oil (or baby cream) . You can also add 1-2 drops of vitamin F to the ointment.

Instil 3-4 drops of fir needle oil to each nostril. Inhalation  add 2-3 drops of oil to hot water and inhale for 15 minutes. During inhalation ones eyes should be kept closed.

When the symptoms appear, place a cotton pad with oil to the sore place for 15-20 minutes.

Place a compress on the sore places with fir needle oil for 20-30 minutes.

Rub fir needle oil into the back and in the vicinity of the neck and chest 4-5 times daily. Use about 4-5 grams of fir oil for each procedure. Then place a compress on these places and wrap up with a warm quilt and take some liquids to help induce perspiration.

Place some cotton with fir needle oil on the sore tooth and keep for 10-20 minutes on the one side and then on the other. After application wash the mouth out with worm water . Repeat this procedure after 1,5-2 hours.

For intense coughing administer 2-3 drops of fir oil using a pipette on the tongue both in the morning and before bed.

Fir needle oil has proved as an excellent remedy for healing wounds. In general cases just apply dressing with fir oil on the wound. ATTENTION: it is not advisable to put oil on open wounds. In some complicated cases treatment should be conducted in accordance to the individuals preference

Mix 5-6 drops of fir oil in 100 ml of boiled or distilled water using a blender. Drink this mixture 3 times a day 20 minutes before every meal.

Place a compress on the breast. In order to avoid scalding you should mix fir oil with baby cream  1 part of oil and 3 parts of baby cream. Change compresses 3 times a day.

Apply cream in order to avoid suppuration. Dont put on a wound with a large surface as it can cause scalding!

Prepare ointment fat  base (baby cream, goose, badger fat or any non salty fat for internal use)
The proportion of the ointment: fir needle oil 30-40 %, fat 60-70%. Mix ointment in a homogenous mass, rub into the sore place and apply a compress. Repeat treatment 2-3 times a day. A course of treatment lasts for 12-24 days.

Rub 1 drop of fir needle oil along the base of the nose.

Prepare ointment fat  base (rendered (melted down) not salty cow butter, goose, pigs, badger fat or any non salty fat for internal use) in the proportion of 1 part of fir oil to 2 parts of fat.
Everything should be mixed properly, rub with the ointment on the sore places 2-3 times daily.

Rub oil into sore places with fir needle oil. Improvement should ensue after 2-3 days.

First massage sore places properly. Next rub fir needle oil onto the places which should alleviate pain. The therapy is not instant and can take some time to heal completely.

Soak cotton pad or gauze with fir needle oil and place on gums. Keep for about 15-20 minutes. Dont let it burn your gums. After application wash the mouth out thoroughly with warm water . One course of treatment is 15-20 procedures. Repeat this procedure in 6 months time.

Rub fir oil into the place of closed skull fracture or breakage. It should quicken the healing process. Rub oil in twice a day. Oral dosage 0,5 g twice a day.

Warm up the sore place before therapy or take a hot bath the pores must be open and clean. Rub oil into the loin area and other sore places using small quantity of fir oil. A course of treatment lasts for 10-15 days. At night You can also put a compress - after a hot bath put a compress on the sore places. Wrap up with warm quilt. Keep a compress for no longer than 20-30 minutes to avoid burning.

To inhale fir oil improves sharpness of vision when the eyes are tired.

The oil achieves a very good result for some. For eruptions apply oil 2-3 times a day.

During attack rub 5-6 drops of oil in the coronary vessels area ( below the breast) . Rub the oil as a prophylactic 3-4 times a day. Improvement should ensue just after first procedure.

Prepare ointment fat  base (melted goose, pigs, badger fat or any non salty fat for internal use) in the proportion of 1 part of fir oil to 1 part of fat. Everything should be mixed thoroughly, place ointment on dressing and tie the sore places with the bandage. The dressing should be changed every 12 hours. Therapy can take up to 25 days.


Mix 4-5 drops of fir oil with 10 grams cream or oil(almond, corn, wheat germ, olive oil or any other fat. )

Add 5-6 drops to an aroma oil diffuser and warm it up. Alternatively you can also put a few drops on napkin and place on a radiator.

1drop of oil for 1 glass of hot water.

1-2 drops of oil per 5 grams of base.

Add 1-3 drops of fir oil to a pot with hot water, cover head with a towel and inhale steam. Eyes must be kept closed.

Add 3-5 drops of fir needle oil mixed with 1 table spoon of emulsifier (honey, milk, sea or kitchen salt) to the bath. Procedure time  10-15 minutes.

Add 5-10 drops to the a little bit of hot water in a pot and put it in sauna or sprinkle oil or any hot surface.