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Carbon Fiber Fire Blanket
This kind of fire blanket is made from the imported carbon fiber which is excellent thermal and fire resistance alone or in blends with other fibers.
Excellent fire resistant trait, the general use temperature<=350. It is difficult to burn in the flame and put out when leaving the flame.
Acid and alkali proof trait, it can be used in the very bad situation of causticity.
Good heat insulation trait and heat transmition is small.
It is very easy to sew and it feels soft and complaisance.
The main guidelines:heat insulation capability:LOI>=40%

Corbon Fiber Fire Resistant and Heat Insulation Felt
CHARACTERISTICS: the same as carbon fiber fire blanket.
SPECS: thickness 1.5mm-8mm, width<=2500mm
USEFULNESS: it is used to make fire blanket, heat insulation costume and other fire resistant products.

Fire Resistant Cloth
COLORS: white, brown
SPECS: thickness 2mm,1000g/m2
CHARACTERISTICS: heat resistant temp is 1000, heat insulation, anti-folding, traits, etc.
USEFULNESS: It is used for making superfine fireproof roller shutter weiding blanket and fire resistant products, etc.

Fiberglass Cloth Coated with Aluminum Foil
SPECS: thickness 0.5mm; width 1000mm
CHARACTERISTICS: the rate of anti-radiant heat>=90%, fire resistant and heat insulation, etc.
USEFULNESS: It is used for making the fire resistant costume.

High Silica Cloth
SPECS: thickness 0.24mm,0.65mm
CHARACTERISTICS: excellent heat insulation, inteneration point near 1700 , the general use temperature is 1100 , SiO2>=96%.
USEFULNESS: It is widely used in the rocketbombspaceflight workplace; high temperature resistant materials; fireproof costume, smoke resistant cloth, fireproof gloves, etc.

Rubberized Non-combustion Cloth
SPECS: thickness-0.2mm0.3mm0.5mm, width 1000mm1250mm
COLORS: blue, yellow, grey, red, etc.
CHARACTERISTICS: the general use temperature is 500, washing-durability, waterproof, acid and alkali proof traits, etc.
USEFULNESS: It is used for making fireproof roller shutter and the package of fire resistant products, etc.