Sell Fire Extinguisher

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We wish to offer in your country, and this is very very
nice and hotdog items.

If we call the 119 when fire occurs at the office or home, it takes some time for fire engine to get to where fire is.

But a tiny flame easily takes sudden turn for huge fire. a wooden house is almost enveloped in flame in 5-10 minutes. In case of concrete building, it takes only few minutes enveloping the whole of it.

We have to extinguish the fire in incipient step. In this reason, extinguisher is required than most of all.

A role of extinguisher in Incipient extinguish is equal to a fire engine.

Nowadays, extinguisher is necessaries of life.
Its really hotdog items, already export to Japan(50,000) .

One-touch spray type, anyone who child, old and feeble person, housekeeper can use it without complex handling.

If you're interest and ned more information, pls fel free contact us, will sending full information.

Brand name: Fire Stopper
Price: USD$9.00(unit) FOB KOR
Payment Term: Advanced T/T