Sell Fire Hose Circular Loom

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We supply fire hose circular loom which have following Characteristic:

Easy to control, high efficiency;

Automatic to stop for defects warp& weft and the alarm system can show the place for the out of line;

Can weave 4 kinds of fabric with beautiful pattern;

The fabric size is 20mm to 110mm, it can reach to the size 150mm, 200mm and 250mm after add accessories;

With air frozen and air depurated cleaned;

High quality and long life.

Electric control for the breaking year, very safe.

Motor power: 5.5 kw;

Outside size: 1800* 950mm

Control power: 24V DC

Gross weight: 1500kgs

Circular loom can weave 4 kinds of fabric:

Single line diagonal
Double line diagonal
Single line tabby
Double line tabby