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XBY calibrator is developed for calibration of internal pressure gauges of pressurized cylinder fire extinguishers used by the numerous manufacturers and repair works. As a result, the pressure in the cylinder will be indicated on the gauge accurately, thereby making the detection of fire extinguisher more visual.
The calibrator is made up of two parts, inflation system and deflation system. It is characterized by safety, reliability, simple operation, high efficiency and great accuracy. It is an indispensable calibration device of fire extinguisher pressure gauges to manufacturers and repair works of fire control appliances.
Connect the lead-in to the mains (220V for this device) . The voltmeter will indicate if the power voltage is turned on.
The instrument to be calibrated is tightened on the test table in turn. Air source necessary for calibration is put through via the relief valve and inlet of the calibrator. Open the air regulating and relief value and adjust the pressure to the value required by the instrument to be tested. Open the valve and the air intake meter (2) will display the pressure of air source.
Push the calibration button and the air intake meter (2) and the instrument to be tested will get pressure and display readings respectively. By comparing the instrument to be tested with the probe unit (1) and air intake meter (2) , youll know if the instrument is qualified or not. Then push the discharge button (9) deflate the instrument to be tested and remove it to get ready for the subsequent calibration.
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