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MCW automatic Extinguishing Installations is composed of plastic container, water (with fire brake in it) extinguishant, common fuse and thermal initiator. Thermal initiator is put inside the plastic container which is filled with water extinguishant. The common fuse is to the thermal initiator what key is to door. Once encountered naked flames, the fuse will be ignited to activate the thermal initiator. There will be an explosion in the plastic container, making the extinguishant sprayed in the form of the smog to putout the fire. As we know, the fire is consists of the three fundamental elements, i. e. temperature, inflammable matter and oxygen. This installation focuses on these three fundamental elements to achieve marvelous fire suppression effects. First, oxygen isolation: Once activated, it can have a relatively large impact force due to the explosion of thermal initiator. The impact force can make oxygen around the flames become insufficient, fire extinguished. What's more, cooling: liquid stored inside the plastic container will be sprayed to wet flaming source, lower the temperature, fire extinguished. Third, scale down flaming area: the impact will separate the inflammable substance from the fire. Besides, the ejected fire brake makes the combustible matters hardly combustible.
Compared with conventional fire extinguisher, the outstanding advantages of the Extinguishing Installations are as follows:
1. It can be installed in a certain place easy on fire, to prevent fire. When fire breaks out, it will automatically extinguish the fire effectively and rapidly without the help of human beings.
2. Once fire breaks out, it can be thrown into the fire directly to put out the fire, never have to do other complex operation, even the old and children can use it conveniently.
3. It has a special effect on putting out the solid fire with lower cost.
4. It can be set to a linked system or automatic control system to prevent and put out fire in a large area. Such as forest fire, warehouse fire etc.
5. It can be always at your disposal to extinguish the fire, that is to say, there is no need for you to inspect it yearly during the shelf life.
6. When activated, a fire alarm will give people the hint that the extinguishing process is taking place.
7. Being environment-friendly, this Extinguishing Installations is nontoxic, safe and nonpolluting to the environment.
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