Sell FirePro® 240minutes Fire rated calcium silciate board ( asbestos free)

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Soben International Products are asbestos free, non-combustible, easy to use and transport; rot proof, anti-bacterial, resistant to insects and mould growth as well as maintenance friendly. They also possess impact resistance, good chemical resistance, moisture / condensation resistance, small expansion rate and low wastage. Their thermal insulation quality also helps save energy. The majority of its products series conform to various British Standards. All Soben International Boards are ISO9001:2000 (Certificate of Conformity of Quality Management System Certification) and ISO14001:1996 (Environmental Management System Certificate) certified and has obtained Certificate of China Environmental Labelling Products Certification.

Currently, Soben International has the following product ranges:

 Artistic Ceiling  Acoustic Series, Color Series, Textured Series
 DuraPanel Series  DuraPanel, DuraPanel-D
 FirePro. Series  FirePro., FirePro-S.
 PVC Foam Board
 WeatherPan / WeatherPan-S
 WeatherPlank Siding Products  WeatherPlank Panel, WeatherPlank Siding, WeatherTrim
 WeatherPro. Series  WeatherPro., WeatherPro.-CP, WeatherPro.-Flex, WeatherPro.-L,



FirePro. is a high quality laminated calcium silicate board. It does not contain asbestos, sepiolite or other inorganic fibres and is free from formaldehyde. It is a strong and lightweight non-combustible building board for use in many fire resisting applications up to 240 minutes fire rating performance to international standards including BS, EN, GB, and ISO. FirePro. is made of special fire resistance minerals materials and has undergone a sophisticated process. It is simple to work with and fix, easy to decorate, resistant to the effects of moisture and will not rot and decay. FirePro. is manufactured to ISO 9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system, and has obtained the China Environmental Labeling issued by China National Environment Protection Bureau, the most stringent requirement in manufacturing business.

FirePro. is off-white in color and has a smooth sanded surface on one side and a slightly textured reverse. It consists of fire rated minerals and calcium silicate matrix reinforced with selected fibres and special fillers. The board is then cured under an autoclave process where high pressure and steam is induced to ensure its intrinsic fire resistance property.

Apart from fire rating properties, FirePro. is also an ideal building board for use in constructions where there is a need for resistance to damp or high humidity. It contains no water soluble additives and will not rot, degrade or deteriorate. FirePro. will absorb water causing some loss of strength, which is fully recovered on drying. Any staining on the board caused by leakage can be easily painted over. Moisture will not cause leaching or efflorescence and has no permanent effect on the board. FirePro. is classified as non-combustible when tested in accordance with BS 476: Part 4 and GB8624: Grade A. Many fire resistance constructions such as wall, ceiling, duct, protected shaft or cavity barrier had used FirePro. as the core element. As revealed from the tests, FirePro. is capable of resisting fire attack up to 12000C for 240 minutes. Please consult Soben International for fire engineering design and details of local equivalence.


FirePro. is a high performance board ideally used in constructions for resistance of fire, damp and high humidity areas such as:
 Swimming pool
 Food processing plants
 Kitchen and Laundries
 Fire rated walls and hoardings
 Fire rated doors
 Fire rated internal linings to industrial buildings
 Fire rated casings for electrical & mechanical services
 Fire resistance parapet walls and spandrels
 Fire resistance ceiling
 Fire rated infill panels
 Composite panels
 Encasement to structural steelwork
 Smoke extraction duct encasement


(i) General
Soben International products are manufactured from a mixture of Portland cement, silica sand reinforced with natural fibres. Products do not contain asbestos, sepiolite, formaldehyde, gypsum or glass fibre.

(ii) Chemical

(iii) Performance

Density 900 kg/m3 (+/-10%)
Weight 8.9kg/m2  9mm
11.9kg/m2  12mm
14.8kg/m2  15mm
Surface alkalinity pH 7-10
Flexural strength (along grain) 6.0 MPa
Flexural strength (across grain) 9.5 MPa
Moisture movement (ambient to saturated) 0.05%
Moisture content Ex works - 15%
In situ - 6%
Thermal conductivity 0.13 W/mK
Thermal movement 9 x 10-6 m/m. C
Fire rating to BS 476: Part 20-24, EN1363 and GB/T 9978 240 minutes
Non-combustible test to AS 1530.1, BS 476: Part 4, EN ISO 1182 & GB8624: Grade A Pass
Surface spread of flame to BS 476: Part 7 Class 1
Fire propagation Test to BS 476: Part 6 Class 0
Test for ignitability to BS 476: Part 5 Class P
Minimum bending radius Along grain
7200mm for 9mm
9800mm for 12mm
Sound attenuation 38 dB for 9mm board
42 dB for 12mm board
Acoustic reduction (over range 100-3150 Hz) Average 22 dB
Rw 46dB for 99mm thick partition
Rw 49dB for 105mm thick partition