Sell Fish Meal

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Fish Meal Replacer with Omega 3, Crude protein 58.0 %


 Products and by-products of oleaginous seeds
 Products and by products of cereal seeds
 Vegetable fats
 Synthetic amino acids, anti caking, flavour

Microbiological criteria
Total Plate Count: Max 100.000 CFU/gr
Clostridium perfringens: Max 1.000 CFU/gr
Moulds: Max 1.000 CFU/gr
Coliforms: not present in 0.1 gram
Salmonella: Not present in 25 gram

ME Poultry 11.76 MJ/kg\(2811 kcal/kg)
ME Pigs 14.40 MJ/kg (3445 kcal/kg)
NE Pigs 9.52 MJ/kg (2275 kcal/kg)

Expiration: 6 months after production date
Application: Animal feeds
Inclusion rate: 5-10 %
Storage: Store in a cool and dry place, free from floor and walls