Sell Fish Products

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Pescanova's products are one of the leader products in the fish industry in Spain and all around the World.

With more than 120 fishing boats, Pescanova is the 5th worldwide group in its sector. Actually, with 150.000 tons of fishes putting into the market, as in Spain and others countries, Pescanova confirm its place by commercialising its products everywhere, especially with frozen fishes.

Hereby, the different product range of Pescanova:

Natural fish: young hake, monkfish filet, giant pieces of Hake

King prawn: wild and cooked

Other seafood: small King prawn, big lobster, paella with seafood

Fishmonger s: slice of Austral Hake, cod-fish filet, pieces of salmon, pieces of cod-fish, monkfish and tuna cut up into pieces, Espada fish, cooked king prawn, cooked crab, baby squid and cooked octopus (1kg) cut up into pieces

Surimi: bars, croquettes, spaghetti form

Fish takeout: croquettes (with different forms) of Hake with spinach or Ketchup, coated squid, Gourmet fish of Hake coated King Prawn

Cooked plate of fish: Hake with a green sauce or with riojana, Cod-fish with vizcaina, small King prawn garlic sauce, baby squid with its colour, rice with small prawn, peas, corn, carrots and pieces of ham.

Moreover, Pescanova propose others varieties of frozen products such as pizza, peas, salad mix, cauliflower and french fries.