Sell FishMAX

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FishMAX generates four of the five sensory stimulants that attract fish! Attracting more and larger fish can be accomplished by using more of the fish's natural sensory attributes and can be attracted more readily. FishMAX reacts as a catalyst by generation these functions to produce a natural attraction to the fish.
The positive effect is present in the amount and size of the fish attracted to the area as soon as it is placed into the water. These positive results are present throughout the normal operating spectrums of 300 feet in an omni direction in water. The implementation of such an attraction is apparent when FishMAX is used towards the top of the water floating or when the present invention is submerged to the bottom or anywhere in between. FishMAX brings an instant overall reaction to the senses of the fish in the area of propagation. It works equally well when used in fresh or salt water.
Reactions of the multiple catalyst upon the fish is immediately apparent as soon
As the conditioned water propagates out to reach the fish in the area of influence.
When FishMAX is in use the reaction of attraction is verifiable by fish finders and are measured within the area of influence and the reaction is immediately
apparent each and every time.