Sell Fittings (SL42)

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Screw thread quick coupling
Fittting tyjpes indlude metric screw thread , British screw thread , uniform screw thread, etc Types of airtight include direct, platform, apherical, incline and renon-groove airtight.
Handle7style quick coupling
Features:Being simpli-structured, easy-operated, this style coupling can be quickly connected and easily separated just by turning out the handle and then twist the coupling. It is applicable to applications with bigger nominal diarmeter and low pressure.
Nominal Diameter:DN25-100
Material option:carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, etc.
working Working temperature(0) :/Hermetic material
-40~+100 / buna
-20~+180 / FL-rubber
-40~+250 / polyethylene
Special prldut can be manufactured acording to client specific requirements.

Insert style quick coupling
Features:quickly and easlyand exchanged, well hermetic and intercomverted,
insert style quick compling is suitable for aplications with small
nominak diameter and high pressure.
Nominal diameter(mm) :DN6~32
Material option:carbon steel, copper, etc
Classify three types according to their inner structures:
1) double shut-off quick coupling
2) single shut-lrr quick coupling
3) OPening directly quick coupling

Claw welding styie quick coupling
Feature:Being simple-structured, easy-operated, quickly connect and separte, claw welding style quick coupling is well hermetic and interconverted, and is suitable for medium of
gas and liquid with requirements of small mininal and low pressure.
Nominal diameter(mm) :DN32~100
Working pressure:<=2.5MPa
Working temperature(0) :-40~+100 / buna
-20~+180 / FL-rubber

Rolling style quick coupling
1) As pqort-hermetic moisture friction structure is used , space of friction can be compensated by the pre-set pressure of spring
2) It is applicable to high speed rolling application with the adoption of rolling bears.
3) Compact structure, small space, light weight, installed easily

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