Sell Five-axis Turbine Blade Machine Center

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High efficiency and accurate machining center for turbine blades, It can be used widely to process various leaf blades of steam turbine and gas turbine, as well as narrow complicated contour parts, such as propeller blade of helicopter and so on.


High power and high accuracy spindle;
Optimal structure layout;
Adopt resin sand iron castings as the base components, use the high precision and rigidity linear roller guides and high rigid transmission components, to ensure the whole structures rigidity;
Large torque and high precision rotary shafts;
Adopt double synchro-driving device for ensuring the precision of long length parts;
Stable and reliable automatic tool changing device;
High flow cooling system, and use automatic chip removing and high precise filtering device, to ensure cooling and cleaning rapidly;
Powerful CNC system;

Technical Specification

Max. work piece length 1600mm 800mm 400mm
Max. rotary radius of A axis 220mm 160mm
Travel X axis 2200mm 1250mm 500mm
Y axis 400mm 300mm
Z axis 400mm
A axis 3600
B axis 1400
Speed X, Y, Z axis Max. 20 m/min
A axis Max. 45 r/min Max. 90 r/min Max. 180 r/min
B axis Max. 12 r/min Max. 60 r/min
Resolution capacity X, Y, Z axis 0.001mm
A, B axis 0.0010
Spindle Speed 60~10000 r/min
Spindle Taper HSK63
Spindle motor power 30KW 26.4KW
Tool magazine capacity 16pcs
Tool Shank HSK63A
Max. Tool Dia. 63mm
Max. Tool Length 180mm
Electric Power 380V 50HZ
Full load current 200A
Compress air Pressure 0.55~0.6Mpa
Overall Size 4260*2600*2600 mm 3260*2600*2600mm 2600*2600*2800mm
Net weight 12000KG 10000KG 8000KG
Occupation Dimension 5300*4550mm 4365*4550mm 3300*4000mm
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
150 days
Minimum Order Quantity
1 set