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Applicable Range:

Suitable for the batch packing without pallet of biscuit etc.

Special Recommend:

The model SG is a new type machine with high equipment for biscuit aggregate packaging without pallet. Our county is the fifth one which own this product after Italy, Switzerland, Germany, England . The success of the developing SG ends the complexion that we must import this machine from abroad before, shortening the distance about packaging machine technology between China and developed countries, and also saving the huge manpower and material cost for customers.


1. Using the whole set of Siemens electrical components, finishing the packaging process by five-motor systems, achieving the synchronization of supplying, pushing, filming, motioning, sealing and cutting speed, and alos carring out capacity adjustment.

2. Being convenient for changing products, achieve many purposes with one machine, saving time and investment effectively.

3. Using cantilever structure, timingbelt, refined configuration and be convenient for maintenance, greatly reducing the running noise, making the performance more smoothly.

4. Simple operation by using large touch screen panel. It could be memorized different products technical parameter and the parameter could be chosen when changing the packing products.

5. Using soft clamping setting for the conveyer chain, which could avoid wasting material and affecting finished products rate effectively. At the same time, there is no biscuits leavings, avoid mildewing due to difficult to clear up.

6. The conveyer canal adopts leaking design, avoid biscuits leavings stored in the canal gap, being more suitable for food safety system requirement.

7. Aspiratory design could deflate the extra air, making the material more tightly.

8. New type double vertical sealing system and heating structure, achieving excellent sealing effection under low temperature. When the machine stops, its hot sealing wheels open automatically, avoiding burning film effectively.
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