Sell Fixed Cellular/Wireless Terminal

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Product description:
NEOS3000A Fixed Cellular Terminal serves as a gateway between a GSM network and your companys private branch exchange (PBX) . It connects to the analogue trunk of a PBX telephone system or a standard phone and routes your call through a SIM card in the FCT and out via the GSM network, converting the expensive PSTN-to-GSM call into Mobile-to-Mobile call.

Product features:
1. Dramatic cost reduction
2. Signal Strength Indication
3. One voice channel PSTN interface
4. Dual band GSM Module (900/1800MHz)
5. Time controller: control outgoing time.
6. Remote Programming: setting via DTMF tones from the phone
7. Fake Ring back tone: simulation of ring back tone
8. LCR: Least Cost Routing with automatic choice between GSM and PSTN
9. Polarity Reversal: recognition of call start / end
10. Built in Caller ID: calling party phone number display.
11. MVPN: Mobile VPNs allow users to roam easily among various wired and wireless networks
12. Security lock-Network / SIM / PIN lock, etc.
13. FXS and FXO interfaces