Sell Fixed Diameter Hole Opener

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SIZE: 3-3/4 (95mm) ~ 26 (660mm)

The Hole Opener consists of a mandrel, arms, jet tubes, nozzles, retainer nuts, O seal rings, cutter assemblies, support seats, main pins, lock pins and screws.
Its mandrel is machined from high quality alloy steel and heat- treated to precise metallurgical standards. Three arms and support seats are welded on the mandrel. Rugged one-piece forged mandrel, forged arms and support seats provide the strength required for the toughest drilling conditions.
The replaceable cutter assemblies are mounted on arms and support seats. The selection of cutters allows the tools to handle a wide range of formations from soft to hard abrasive. Cutter assemblies can be changed quickly and easily on the rig floor by using hand tools. No torch cutting or welding is required.
There are three directing jet tubes with replaceable nozzles to assure effective hole cleaning and longer cutters life. Nozzles are retained in jet tubes by special nuts and can be changed quickly and easily.

Fixed Diameter Hole Opener are available with sealed bearing steel tooth or tungsten carbide insert cutter assemblies: Type SM for soft to medium formation, type MH for medium to hard formation and type XH for hard to abrasive formation.