Sell Fixed Wireless Converter

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Dear Sirs,
We have developed a new product GSM Wireless Fixed Router for European market. The purpose of the router is to help for saving fixed telephone bill. The concept is that in Europe, The phone bill charge rate of a fixed phone to GSM mobile phone is much higher than a mobile to mobile. After the router is connected with a fixed phone, when you dial mobile phone from the fixed phone, the router will automatically convert to mobile to mobile, so the phone bill is saved.
The converter has PSTN and PABX port and a SIM card in it. When the fixed phone connected with the converter calls another fixed phone, it will go PSTN; when the fixed phone calls a mobile phone, it will go GSM.
The converter can be used in household and small business.
It is a huge market in Europe for the converter. If your are interesting on the product, please contact us for details.