Sell FixedWirelessTerminal(CDMA800)

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Phone Book : 109 groups of contact entries (if an R-UIM Card is uroupsed for storage, the number of contact entries depends on the card)

Call Records : 20 groups of received (missed) telephone information query

Message Sending : message sending and receiving,22 pieces of messages can be saved in the inbox,20 pieces of messages can besaved in the outbox and receiving

Dialing Feature : 9 groups of speed dials. support to dial telephone numbers in call records. support to dial telephone numbers in phone book. support to dial back the number for received short message.

IP Telephone : support to set and call an IP card number

Support Many : support many supplementary services, such as three-way calling, call transfer and emergency call
supplementary service

Hands-Free : provide hands-free function

Ringing Volume : tune the volume of ringing tone through ringing volume switch tuning

Long-Distance : provide password locking function for long-distance call call locking

voice privacy : support voice privacy during a conversation

Hotline : support the setting of hotline function

Data service : provide the functions of high-speed packet data dial-up to internet, low-speed data service dial-up to internet, and pc fax data sending and receiving.

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