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Flagpoles reflect the Jieshun spirit of keeping improving. Jieshun flagpoles are
made of quality materials with special care. It remains harmonious, durable,
reliable, beautiful and elegant
A section type of: thick 1.5, diameter 88.9
Multistage type of: section 1: thick 1.5, diameter 88.9
Section 2: thick 2.0, diameter 114
Section 3: thick 2.3, diameter 141
It is divided into two kinds of: move with give or get an electric shock the move type of
1, give or get an electric shock to move the flagpole bottom diameter larger than or same as 219, to guarantee the organization not of gearing exhausted inch
2, the flagpole village anticipates to take care of for the stainless steel of the different thickness in Japanese SUS304, the flagpole conjunction adoption inside place to enhance to take care of the heart with the united at heart a construction
3, hoist a flag the pole for the indoors a building that satisfy the demand, the company is with researching to manufacture the electricity moves to blow the breeze flagpole
4, The coping size of the cone form flagpole is a diameter 80-95, the degree of cone is 1:110-140, flagpole the longer hour choose to use small the degree of cone , flagpole shorter the hour choose to use bigger the degree of cone
5, give or get an electric shock to move the cone form flagpole, is smaller such as the bottom diameter 219, must increase high degree as 1 rice, diameter is 219 of the stainless steel takes care of, for the purpose of machine head install
6, high larger than or same as 20 rice above flagpole all parameter another line design
7, the other requests and can press to request the specially made with the bead
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