Sell Flame-retardant clothing (fabric)

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Flame-retardant clothing (fabric)

This product is applicable to workers engaged in fire, distribution of sparks, molten metal in the operation and in the vicinity of inflammable substances and dangerous place for the fire-retardant clothing worn
Flame-retardant fabric (clothing) by the use of flame-retardant finishing of cotton fabric or the use of flame-retardant fibers from light spinning weaving; two different characteristics of materials.
Cotton Flame-retardant of our factory have recently breakthroughs in technology, new processes will enable the service life of flame retardant cotton double wash more than 100, performance is also better than national standards, the European Union standards. Non-GB, the European standard of any hazardous substances prohibited.
Main technical indicators in line with the GB8965-1998, EN531, EN470-1
Structure and use of clothing
1, the safety benefit of human beauty and health requirements of the normal physiological
2, to adapt to physical activity to operate, easy to wear off
3, pocket flap should be brought in order to avoid set-deposit molten metal spatter or sparks
4, in operation not to arouse the hook, hanging, strangulation, roller
5, in the appropriate pores may have ventilation, so perspiration, loss of body temperature regulation, but the vent does not affect clothing structural strength, the gap structure of the entry of foreign matter should not be allowed to the outside world clothing
6, No. of production license: XK20-301-00230 LA-2006-0095