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Flap disc is a kind of coated abrasive which is formed by bonding the abrasive cloth lamellae on the disc backing. The discs are generally mounted on electrical and pneumatic sanders to polishing and grinding.
Our top quality ZIRCONIUM grain provides superior stock removal and a fast and cool cutting action. Experience in the field on a wide variety of applications and metals have shown that zirconium oxide outperforms aluminium oxide by a good margin.
1. Product
- Product Range (available grits) : P40~P320
- Backing Material: Vulcanized Fibre/Fibre Glass/Plastic/ Non-woven Cloth/ Corundum with Non-woven Cloth
- Bonding: Resin over Resin
- Grain Type: Brown Fused Alumina / Black Silicon Carbide/ Zirconia Fused Alumina
- Coating State: Open Coat/ Close Coat
- Product Form: Disc (Straight Centre & Depressed Centre)
- Product Specification: X4, X 4-1/2, X 5, X 6, X 7, X 8, etc.
- High polishing and grinding performance
- Combination of softness and rigidness
- Wearability
- Better surface finish
- Only dry sanding
- Low noise and terrific sharpness
- Surface sanding
- Derusting & Deburring
- Removal of trim weld seams
- Sanding of surface and edges
- Dry application
The ZA flap disc is specially used for snagging weld seam of stainless steel.
-Stainless Steel -Automotive - Mechanical components - Ceramic -Semi-conductor - Light industry