Sell Flash backlight EL cold light

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Item No. :EL Back Light
Description: EL Back light, ideal for decoration, advertising back light
Size: A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6
Color: Red, white, blue-green, blue, yellow
Power: AC 110-220V, DC12V
EL(electroluminescent) is a kind of physical phenomenon that applies electricity to emitting cold light. As an AC voltage is applied to the electrodes, the electric field causes the phosphor (Zns) to rapidly charge and discharge, resulting in the emission of light during each cycle. One usage of the above principle is the advanced EL film, which has advantages and is widely used. Major EL Applications:

(1) LCD Backlighting Source

(2) Watches and Clocks

(3) Toys, electronic gifts and Christmas illumination

(4) Ad boards

(5) emergency sign lights

(6) door sign, doorplates and car license plates

(7) instrument and indicators

(8) mini night lamps, etc.