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The information of each pen in picture is as following in turn:
1. Flash pen (LP-003) Size:1.0x14cm; battery:3xAG3; Lighting and writing
2. Flash pen (LP-005) Size:1.2x14cm; battery:3xAG12; Lighting and writing
3. Flash pen (LP-011) Size:1.3x14cm; battery:3xAG10; Lighting and writing
4. Radio pen (LP-020) Size:1.2x14cm; battery: 2xAG13; Radio and writing
5. Flash pen (LP-021) Size:1.0x14cm; battery:4xAG3; Lighting and writing
6. LED+laser pen (LP-028C) size: 1.3x14cm; battery:4xAG3; writing three in one pen
7. Laser pen (LP-034) size:1.1x14cm; battery:4xAG3; Teaching Stick Pen with Laser
8. Lighter Pen (LP-042) size:1.0x14cm; battery: no battery; Pen with a lighter
9. Projective pen (LP-043) Material: metal; battery: 3xAG3; Project your logo
10. Projective pen of time(LP-043A) size:1.3x14cm; battery: 2xAG13; Project the time
11. Clock pen(LP-044) size:1.3x14cm; battery: 3xAG13; With a clock, also the stopclock
12. Record pen(LP-045) size:1.4x14.5cm; battery: 3*AG13; Record lasting time: 10s/20s/30s.
13. Record pen(LP-046) size:1.4x14.5cm; battery: 3xAG13; Record lasting time: 10s/20s/30s.
14. Massage pen(LP-048) size:1.2x14cm; battery: 1.5V, 1xRI ; With massage operation
15. Pedometer pen(LP-063) size:1.2x14cm; battery:3xAG3; All to zero with pressing button
16. Thermometer Clock & Pen(LP-064) size: 1.7x14cm; Show time and thermimeter
17. Light pen with time (LP-065) size: 1.3x14cm; battery:4xAG3; Lighting , writing with time
18. Calculator pen with ruler(LP-066) Pen with ruler and the calculator
19. Pen with floater(LP-072) size:1.3x15cm; seven colors changed with pressing button
20. Pen with floater(LP-073A) size: 1.1x13.5cm; battery:3xAG3; With seven colors changed

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