Sell Flat Bed Blister Packing Machine

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Supply of Automatic Flat Bed Blister Packing US $ 30,000
Machine Model EP/FST 230 with one set of Forming,
Sealing & Cutting Tool & suitable Chilling Plant

Price: FOB Mumbai
Payment: 50% advance & 50% against B/L
Delivery: 60 days
Packing: Sea Worthy Export Packing in wooden cases
Validity: 60 days
Warrantee: One Year
Installation: 2 Technicians for 15 days
Installation Fees: Round Air Tickets, Lodging & Boarding Expenses

Advising Bank: Bank of India, Saki Naka Branch, Mumbai 72, India
A/C No: 003820 1000 13568, Swift Code: BK ID IN BB ADH
Corresing Bank: Deutsche Bank Trust Company, New York, Swift Code: BK TRUS 33

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1. Piercing of the based web film by two horizontal chains.
2. Pre-heating.
3. Thermoforming.
4. Manual or Automatic loading.
5. Evacuation & gas flushing if required.
6. Sealing the top web to the based web film.
7. Cutting to shape & discharge of the finished packs.
The modular design of three main stations viz. Thermoforming, loading & Sealing/Cutting is combined with a guarding system that prevents access to the moving parts but allows good visibility of the operation & access when required. All mechanical parts are treated against corrosion.
Forming Area (MM) 250 X 200

Maximum Advance (MM) 200

Maximum Forming Depth (MM) 40

Loading Area (MM) 1,200 (Extendable)

Speed (Cycles/Min) 10

Power Consumption (KW) 3 to 5

Air Consumption (CU. M / HR) 8 At 6 KG/Sq CM

Water (Cooling) Consumption (Litres / Hr) 100 at 25 Deg Cent

Max Roll Dia (Bottom Web) (MM) 400

Max Roll Dia (Top Web) (MM) 300

Core Dia (MM) 76

Power Required (VAC) 415, 3 Phase + Neutral + Earthing

Machine Weight (KGs) 800 (Approx)

Machine Dimensions (MM) 2,800 X 900 X 1,500
The Europack FST Machines are Thermoforming Machines with automatic Forming, Sealing and Trimming operations. The machines are available for both Rigid and Flexible Packing.
Sealing Technique:
For the smaller packs a simple sealing method where a sealing die moves on top and applies pressure on the packs by pressing itself against the top heated sealing plate. For special requirements a pneumatically moving sealing top plate can be provided to ensure proper heat transfer to the sealing layer.
Trimming Technique:
Depending on the material and the desired pack shape, different cutting units are used.
Rectangular Flexible packs:
Two part cutting is done using cross knife or die punch depending on the requirement.
Shape Rigid packs
Die and punch cutting system is provided to cut packs in different shapes.
Packaging Material:
Rigid Bottom Webs:
PVC, HIPS or any other thermo formable material.
Flexible Bottom Webs:
Top Webs:
Lacquer Coated Paper/ Foil or any other suitable laminate to seal with the bottom web.
 Consumer durables like Toys, Tooth Brushes, Adhesive Tubes, and Toiletries.
 Precision Engineering Goods like Bearings, Drill Bits, Watches and Electronic Components, etc. ,
 Pharmaceutical products like Ampoules, Vials, Ointment tubes, Tablets & Capsules.
 Medical disposables like Syringes, needles, Scalp-vein sets, IV sets etc.
 Food Products like Confectionaries, Portion packs of Jam, Honey, and Margarine.