Sell Flat-Bed Cutting Plotter

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Winda Pattern Cutter Plotter fro carton paper or plastic paper cutting within 2mm. Save time, save labor, high precision automatic working. It is widely used in garment, shoes, bags industrial. Technical features:
- Dual head for drawing and cutting, both head working separately;
- Fully automatic feeding device; - Cutting material thickness up to 2mm;
- High precision cutting to improve the quality of your product;
- Digital control panel: LCD and touching button
- Cutting area: 1200*900mm/ 1500*900mm/ 1500*1200mm
- Save cost, save time, save labor force, save energy, save matarial.

Model WD-F1209 WD-F1509 WD-F1512
Cutting speed Maximum 60cm/s, average 35cm/s
Cutting thickness <=2.0mm
Cutting materials Red hard paper board, plastic board, white paper board, fibre middle&bottom
Pen quantity Various pen shape, setup of full and half knife
Applicable pen type Common signing pen, oil pen and ball-point
Measure to fixing paper Vacuum adsorption static adsorption
Mechanical definition 0.005mm
Software definition 0.025mm, 0.01mm, 0.1mm optional
Inerface of transmission Standard parallel and serial interface
Command HP-GL compatible mode
Digital control panel LCD and touching button
Cutting area 1200*920mm 1500*920mm 1500*1200mm
Working voltage Alternating current 220110% 50HZ
Specification of fuse 6A