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Flat Die Pellet Press

With the fast development of Wood Pellets industry, Wood Pellet Press becomes very popular in the world. It has the advantage of low price, low consumption, high capacity; etc. It is a good choice for small farm family. And it is one kind of energy source machines which can process wood sawdust, wood lump, etc agro-waste resource.
As we know, the original design of Flat Die Pellet Press is used for processing feedstuff, But through our client's feedback and diligent research, our Flat Die Pellet Press can process wood sawdust, straw, different kinds of stalks, grass, etc. Whether it should add little binder into the material or not, it depends on the raw material. But during our several times test, if add little binder into the material, the appearance of final Pellets will become bright. In addition, the best moisture content for pelletizing is between 13%-15%.
Technical Parameter:
Type Power (Kw) Capacity (Kg/h) Dimension (mm) NG/GW (kg)
GC-9PK200 Three phases,7.5 80-120 1130*480*920 210/240
GC-9PK200 15 Horse Power Diesel Engine 80-1201130*480*920 210/240
GC-9PK230 Three phases,11 120-150 1140*470*970 290/320
GC-9PK230 22 Horse Power Diesel Engine 120-150 1140*470*970 290/320
GC-9PK260 Three phases,15 150-200 1220*520*820 250/390
GC-9PK300 Three phases,22 200-250 1220*600*1000 500/580
GC-9PK400 Three phases,30 300-350 1320*600*1050 600/690
Brand Name
Flat Die Pellet Press
Supply Capacity
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
15 days
Model Number
GC-9PK Series
Minimum Order Quantity
Terms of Sale
Warranty Coverage
One year