Sell Flat heat transfer machine&Flat heat press

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Model No: MD-G42
Size: 380*380mm
Weight: 35kg
Volume: 720*450*400mm
Feature:1, the temperature is accurately controlled by German-made parts.
2, the time is electronical controlled
, and the fanalization of the pressure is warned by light.
3, the working surface is attached by imported heat-resistant cloth, so it has a long life and clean easily.
4, the presure can be adjusted freely.
5, with heat-resistant silica-gel sponge in the platen, so the machine has wide usage.
6, heating pipe is connected with heating plate, so the working surface can be heated evenly in a short time, safely and durably.
We also have md-380-2, md-380-1, md- G38, md- H3, mdh39, md-C38, md- D46 and so on.
This machine can thermo-transfer colorful picture and words onto textiles made of cotton, flax, chemical fiber, nylon, ceramics, glass and so on. the machine also can conduct some heat-treatments such as hair-planting print and vesicant print, and conglutination of cloth, such as the conglutination fo children's clothes, caps and shoes, Meanwhile, the machine can be used to smooth and shape caps, handkerchiefs and other commodities in small quantity.