Sell Flat-plate solar energy collector

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1. High efficiency solar collector, supply hot water or space heating for domestic and commercial applications
2. Reliable, efficient, environment-friendly and energy-free from the solar energy, save your money
3. Red copper heat absorber, whose thermal conductivity is several times that of aluminum or stainless steel
4. PEF or PU thermal insulation ensures good heating performance and minimal heat loss
5. Unique panel structure, faster heat transfter speed, not easy to accumulate dirts
6. Outstanding antifreeze performance, working normally in winter
7. Manifold cover's material: stainless steel or galvanized sheet
8. Aluminum alloy frame and special tempered glass, luxurious taste
9. Easy installation, integrated with building constructions
10. Can be connected into series to increase hot water capacity

1. Dimensions: 2000*1000*75mm, 2000*1000*85mm, 2000*1000*95mm, or customizable
2. Absorber:Copper, Copper-aluminum
3. Coating:Megnetron Sputtering, Black Chrome
4. Cover:Tempered Glass
5. Frame:Aluminum Alloy
6. Insulation:PEF, PU, Fiber Glass
Customised services are welcomed!