Sell Flat top LED

Flat top LED
We can produce RGB and bi color lamps and custom-make them according to your specifications.
Our machines are all from ASM. Almost the NO. 1 LED machine manufactures. We sell at good quality and reasonbale price.
we all kinds of LEDs,3mm, 5mm,6mm,8mm,10mm super and ultra brightness with all colors and shapes. And main products are: 1. lamps with different shapes and colors, RGB, bi color, oval type, round, corn type, square type, nipple type, concave type, etc.2. super flux(piranha) with different color and IV,3mm,5mm as well as flat top type.3. high power with dip type, smd type, aslo represent Cree high power,3. smd,3528,3020,0603 etc.4. blinking lamp etc.