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The flatbed printer is also called multifunctional printer and digital printer.
It contains top 10 comparative advantages as follows:
1. Suitable for any materail.
2. Go on high resolution colour without making plate, producing films and re-flowing chromgraph.
3. The effcts of the printings are beautiful in colors, vivid in images and non-fading.
4. Can replace screen printing, water transfer and other traditional printing technology.
5. Particularly suitable for factory produce in a variety of materials , including colour printing and Logo and text.
6. Low-cost in printing, easy to operate, without reliance on staff.
7. Processing to facilitate mass production.
8. High-speeding sampling, low cost producing, huge profits with mass production, high quality and enviromental friendly.
9. Using EPSON printer head to garuntee high-quality image, color fidelity.
10. Good after-sales service and uitimate teconology support.
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