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The YP-30C book core flatters pattern code number is composed of product range (dominant mode number) and the specification code number (auxiliary code number)
YP is the pattern code number, Y indicated that presses (strength) , P expresses evenly (entire) ,30 is the specification code number, Expresses the rated pressure. YP-30C expressed that this company produces the third kind of model (hydraulic pressure) , And full title is YP-30C hydraulic pressure book core flattening mill.

One. The main application and applicable scope of YP-30C book core flatter
The YP-30C book core flatter mainly uses in the paper product s book core presses, fagoting, guaranting presses and so on (such as books, magazine, books and periodicals, exercise book)
And may also widely use in other being probable to carry on with the pressure guaranteed that presses the even product the suppressed work. Such as the pressure and the solidification after the guarantees of lumber, plywood, rubber products and so on.
It can substitute the tremendous pressure similar import products.
And it cant use in material quality suppressions like steel plate, copper stock and so on.

Two. The Technical parameter of YP-30C book core flatter
1. Infrared electro-optic protection, safe reliable.
2. Working area 400W500mm
3. Working pressure 0-30 tons and pressures adjustable
4. In the 1 minute of automatic operation can guarantees the pressure and automatic repeat work.
5. Automatic and manual can exchange use
6. Work most greatly highly 300mm
7. Electrical machinery power 4KW
8. Machine weight 1500kg

Three. The unique feature and works principle of YP-30C book core flatter
1. The YP-30C book core flatter completes the product to press the even work by hydraulic ram impels and under the board to move
2. The YP-30C book core flatter the structure is compact, the rigidity is good, the movement is steady, the operation is simple, the automaticity is high, noise small and so on;
3. The YP-30C book core flatter has used the differential motion design and the oil duct block system measure in the system, causes this machine to try the best realizes the sliding table quick return;
4. The YP-30C book core flatters sliding table after the optional position touches presses it can automatically guarantees, the automatic and manual can exchang
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