Sell Flavor Oxygen Bar Air Purifier

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Flavor Oxygen Bar

Product Model: AP-12
Material: ABS
Electrical source: DC4.5V (AAA 3pcs 7# batteries) /DC 5V (USB) / AC110 V~240 V/50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption: 0.13W
Output ozone: 1.5 mg/h
Negative ion concentration: 1500000pcs/cm3
Colors available: blue, green, red, violet
Mini thermometer: Red light indicate Normal Mode; Red&Blue light indicate Strong Mode.
Exterior size: 75X75X60 (mm)
Weight: 68 g
Packing: 54 pcs/carton
Carton size: 630x365x420(mm)
Applications: house, car, computer room etc.

1) Benefit of using the product :
a) Generate the negative ion, improve the sleeping condition
b) Expedite human's metabolism, improve Human Immunity
c) Create atom of oxygen and improve function of the lung's protective cilia
d) Quickly purify the air with decomposing the harmful air
e) Solid Healthy Perfume with permanent fragrance; Strong Mode will enhance the perfume and negative ion concentration, and it will automatically return to Normal Mode in five minutes.

2) Place suitable to use:
a) In living room-Improve the air quality, Avoid the AC disease, Kill the bacteria in the area
b) In the car-Quickly purify the air with eliminating the harmful air like toluene, carbon dioxide and dust, keep the air clean, eliminate fatigue to keep the driving safe
c) In the washroom-Eliminate the bad smell, keep the air clean with enough oxygen, decompose the harmful air from using the gas, keep the room safe
d) In the bedroom-Purify the air in the room , Improve Human Immunity and sleeping quality
e) In the office-Improve the air quality, keep people awake so to improve the working efficiency