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We are a Chinese fine chemical corporation based in Jiangsu with the products of synthetic chemicals for flavor and chemical intermediates. We get closed technical co-operation with Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry of Chinese Science Acadamy. Landsea mission is exclusively the production of Active Ingredients and Intermediates for flavor and pharmaceutical industry, for both merchant markets and custom manufacturing contracts.

Our catalogue :

Pyrazine (with Kosher Certification ) :

2-Methyl Pyrazine
2,3-Dimethyl Pyrazine
2,5-Dimethyl Pyrazine
2,6-Dimethyl Pyrazine
2,3,5-Trimethyl Pyrazine
2,3,5,6-Tetramethyl Pyrazine
2-Ethyl Pyrazine
2-Ethyl-3-Methyl Pyrazine
2-Ethyl- 3(5/6) -Dimethyl Pyrazine
2,3-Diethyl Pyrazine
2,3-Diethyl-5-Methyl Pyrazine
2-Isopropyl Pyrazine
2-Butyl Pyrazine
2-Isobutyl Pyrazine
2-Secbutyl Pyrazine
2-Methoxy Pyrazine
2-Ethoxy Pyrazine
2-Methylthio Pyrazine
2-Furfurylthio Pyrazine
2-Methoxy-3-Methyl Pyrazine
2- Methoxy-3(5/6) -Methyl Pyrazine
2-Ethoxy-3(5/6) -Methyl Pyrazine
2-Methylthio-3-Methyl Pyrazine
2-Methylthio-3(5/6) -Methyl Pyrazine
2-Furfurylthio-3(5/6) -Methyl Pyrazine
2-Methoxy-3-Isobutyl Pyrazine
2-Methoxy-3-Secbutyl Pyrazine
2-Acetyl Pyrazine
2-Acetyl-3- Methyl Pyrazine
2-Acetyl-3-Ethyl Pyrazine

Thiazole (with Kosher Certification ) :

4-Methyl Thiazole
2,4-Dimethyl Thiazole
4,5-Dimethyl Thiazole
2,4,5-Trimethyl Thiazole
4-Methyl-5-Hydroxyethyl Thiazole
4-Methyl-5-Acetoxyethyl Thiazole
4-Methyl-5-Vinyl Thiazole
Ethyl-4-Methyl 5-Thiazole Formate
2,4-Dimethyl-5-Acetyl Thiazole
2-Ethyl-4-Methyl Thiazole
2-Ethyl 4,5-Dimethyl Thiazole
2-Isopropyl-4-Methyl Thiazole
2-Isobutyl Thiazole
2-Methoxy Thiazole
2-Methylthio Thiazole
2-Ethoxy Thiazole
2-Furfurylthio Thiazole
2-Mercapto Thiazole
2-Acetyl Thiazole

Other products (with Kosher Certification ) :

5-Methyl Furfural
5-Methyl 2-Acetyl Furan
2-Acetyl Furan
2-Methyl Tetrahydrothiophene-3-One
2-Acetyl Thiophene
N-Methyl-2-Acetyl Pyrrole
N-Ethyl-2-Acetyl Pyrrole
N-Furfuryl Pyrrole
2-Acetyl Pyrrole
2,6-Dimethyl Pyridine
2-Methoxy Pyridine
2-Methylthio Pyridine
2-Ethoxy Pyridine
2-Furfurylthio Pyridine
2-Mercapto Pyridine
2-Acetyl Pyridine
3-Acetyl Pyridine
Dimethyl Sulfide
Dimethyl Disulfide
Dimethyl Trisulfide
Diethyl Sulfide
Diethyl Disulfide
Propyl Methyl Sulfide
Dipropyl Disulfide
Dibutyl Sulfide
Dibutyl Disulfide
Allyl Sulfide
Allyl Methyl Sulfide
Allyl Disulfide
Allyl Propyl Disulfide
Furfuryl Methyl Sulfide
Furfuryl Methyl Disulfide
Furfuryl Isopropyl Sulfide
Difurfuryl Sulfide
Difurfuryl Disulfide
Diisopropyl Sulfide
Diisopropyl Disulfide
Dibenzyl Sulfide
Dibenzyl Disulfide
Benzyl Methyl Sulfide
Diphenyl Disulfide
Propyl Mercaptan
Isopropyl Mercaptan
Allyl Mercaptan
Butyl Mercaptan
Isobutyl Mercaptan
Benzyl Mercaptan
1,6-Hexane Dithiol
2,3-Butan Dithiol
Furfuryl Mercaptan
3-Mercapto 2-Butanone
2-Mercapto Pentane
2-Methyl-3-Furanthiol Acetate
2- Methyltetrahydrofuran-3-Thiol
Methyl(2-Methyl-3-Furan) Disulfide
Bis(2-Methyl-3-Furan) Disulfide
3-Methyl Thiopropionaldehyde
3-Methylthio Propanol
3-Methyl Thiobutyraldehyde
Methyl-3-Methyl Thiopropionate
Ethyl-3-Methyl Thiopropionate
1-Methyl Thiopropanone
Dimeril Mercapto Propanone
2-Methyl Thioacetaldehyde
Ethyl Thioacetate
Furfuryl Thioacetate
Methyl Thiopropionate
Furfuryl Thiopropionate
Methyl Thiobutyrate
Ethyl Thiobutyrate
Furfuryl Thiobutyrate
Methyl Thiofuroate
Propyl Thioacetate
Furfuryl Acetate
Methyl Furoate
4-Ethyl Guaiacol
4-Methyl Guaiacol
4-(2,6,6-Trimethylcyclohex-2-Enyl) -But-2-en-4-one

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