Sell Flex vinyl (Solvent Print Media)

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All kind of solvent print media, made from woowen Polyester and laminate by PVC with two side, used in solvent printing, without adhesive. Pack in roll, weight from 320 up to 580gsm, thickness from 0. 30mm up to 0. 49mm. Length: 50m/roll.

Name thickness weight Base Fabric
Flex-HB2334(backlit) 0.30mm 340g 200D*300D 18*12
Flex-HF2334 (frontlit) 0.30mm 340g 200D*300D 18*12
Flex-HF2533 (frontlit) 0.32mm 330g 200D*500D 18*12
Flex-HF5545 (frontlit) 0.38mm 450g 500D*500D 9*9
Flex-HF2344 (frontlit) 0.40mm 440g 200D*300D 18*12
Flex-HF3544 (frontlit) 0.40mm 440g 300D*500D 18*12
Flex-HF5551 (frontlit) 0.42mm 510g 500D*500D 9*9
Flex-HF1145 (frontlit) 0.45mm 450g 1000D*1000D 9*9
Flex-HB3565(backlit) 0.55mm 650g 300D*500D 18*12
Supply Capacity
1000 roll/each month
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
15 days
Minimum Order Quantity
5 roll