Sell Flexible Electrical Beds

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Electric, remote control, adjustable beds - medical and for homes, hotels etc. Cabelless with batteries.
They consist of a four sector metal frame, available in two options - with wooden lamellas and with plywood and foam on top.
With or without surrounding wooden panels and latex mattress.

Latex Core Mattresses are with 100% cotton zipped cover where the Latex core itself has an inside elastic cover, made from high quality antibacterial, antiallergic and antistatic material.

HOME beds:
Width: 82,90,100cm, 30 and38
Length: 190,200,210cm, 79
Height: by requirements - non changeable
Two Electric Motors (German made)
Beds can be mounted (out of three psc) , to the client's bedroom frame or to be paneled under client's order.

200 x 90cm
Height: min. 44cm, Max. 81cm
Lead Supply: 220V~, 110V`, 24DC
Four Electric Motors (German made)
Four wheels.
Export, 100% for the US companies.
Condition of Goods
Warranty Coverage
5 years